Knock Down Rebuild

Why knock down and rebuild?

Do you dream of living in a new, modern home with plenty of customised finishes? Whether you’re looking to knock down and rebuild your old home, or have purchased a property to redevelop, we can help! Our leading home builders, in partnership with Homemark are experts in knock down rebuild. Their vast experience, innovative home designs and construction expertise have made them a leader in the knock down rebuild field.

Imagine a new home, built exactly the way you want it, designed to suit your lifestyle needs and customised to match your individual taste. Now imagine that home in place of the old home you live in now. We can make this dream a reality without the hassle of renovating.

Renovations can cost as much as building new and still leave you with an old home. Building a new home gives you the home you want, exactly how you want it.

We have dozens of home designs to suit almost every lifestyle requirement. No need to compromise on layout, interior finishes or fixtures. You get the perfect new home to fit your lifestyle.

All construction work is carried out by our building partners.